Monday, February 7, 2011

Up to speed - week 4 recap

Yes, I missed a week of my routine. In my defense, I was doing some fairly labour intensive work around the house. I was cleaning and re-prepping the concrete in the living room and hallway all week long. My arms were so dead by the end of the week that I could feel my heartbeat in my muscles.

But I mostly got back on schedule last week, at least with my lifting. I completed upper, core, and lower (even after Grace got sick with the flu). However, I only did one HIIT session and one low-impact cardio (walking our 70 pound dog) throughout the course of the week.

I got hit last night with the fever, chills, aches, and coughing. But after taking some DayQuil this morning I hit the weights. My upper-body workout for week 5 is DONE! I probably won't do any cardio until tomorrow or Wednesday, I don't want to overdo it and then wear down my immune system response. Anyway, I have felt like a horrible slacker, but it really does feel good to strength train again and feel that soreness afterwards. It hurts so good!