Thursday, September 8, 2011

Enrichment/Relaxation Challenge Winners

I haven't posted about the winners for week 5, so I will include them in this list below about the winners for all weeks:

Week One: Sewing/Hot bath with bath oil
Week Two: Hand-washing clothes/Ashiatsu massage
Week Three: Homemade yogurt/Nap
Week Four: Candle-making/Car ride
Week Five: Knitting/Music

Now I have to pick winners in each category for the whole challenge! It has been really hard to choose which ones I liked the most, because they were all wonderful in their own ways. I guess I will have to pick runners-up to make it easier on myself. :-) Here it goes!

Relaxation Winner: ASHIATSU MASSAGE (Grace wins! She is wonderful)
Enrichment Winner: CANDLE-MAKING (it really is so much fun)

First Runner-Up Relaxation: Car ride
First Runner-Up Enrichment: Hand-washing clothes

Second Runner-Up Relaxation: Nap
Second Runner-Up Enrichment: Sewing (although knitting could have tied with sewing)

I must confess that I have done the majority of these things before, with the exception of knitting. I learned how to knit with looms and it is something nice to do while sitting or waiting. It was also my first time making a garden box, but not my first time creating a garden bed or doing basic carpentry. The craft projects were new, but not the first time I have done projects in those categories. Some of the relaxation activities were new to me (HPT and Ashiatsu massage), and I really enjoyed them. I hope to start another challenge soon, because finishing this one made me feel very fulfilled and accomplished. :-)

Thanks for reading!

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