Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The 3rd Party is Relevant!

From an unknown Libertarian web source:

The Libertarian party is made up of many factions, not unlike any other political party or group of people. Not every one agrees on each and every principle or theory, but most Libertarians will agree on about 95% of the issues. A good example of a divide is in religion. Some Libertarians are atheist, most are Christians and I am sure there are a few that have alternative beliefs.

Reason To Join The Libertarian Movement #1 - Freedom Of Religion Libertarians believe in following the United States Constitution and the Constitution clearly gives us the freedom to practice our religion or lack of it as we see fit. It is all about personal freedom, not forcing everyone else to our will.

Reason To Join The Libertarian Movement #2 - Expansion of Personal and Civil Liberties Libertarians believe that we should repeal all laws that presume the government knows how to run your life better than you do. People should be free to make and learn from their own decisions.

Reason To Join The Libertarian Movement #3 - Freedom of Speech And Communication The government does not have the right to regulate our speech or communications. Whether we are making a speech, communicating via the internet, TV, radio or any other means, the government has no right to regulate it in any way.

Reason To Join The Libertarian Movement #4 - Return to Individual Property Rights The government has no right to regulate or control how an individual or business entity uses the land it owns. All public lands, except as allowed by the Constitution should be returned to private ownership and the money raised from the sale used to pay off the national debt. Individuals would have the right to homestead unused land.

Reason To Join The Libertarian Movement #5 - The Right To Privacy Libertarians support the protections provided by the Fourth Amendment. The government tracks us by many means including our social security number. The social security card or any other government issued card, should no longer be used for identification purposes. This has lead to identity theft and an invasion of our right to privacy. Libertarians also oppose road blocks that stop vehicles without probable cause.

Reason To Join The Libertarian Movement #6 - The Right To Keep And Bear Arms An armed citizenry is essential to a free society. All gun control laws should be repealed and the Bureau of Alcohol , Tobacco and Firearms closed down.

Reason To Join The Libertarian Movement #7 - Reproductive Rights Libertarian recognize that abortion is a sensitive issue. The government should not be involved in the issue either in support or against it. Libertarians support an end to all government subsidies for childbearing or child prevention.

Reason To Join The Libertarian Movement #8 - Government Debt Libertarians support a "Balanced Budget Amendment" that would only allow the federal government to spend as much as it took in the previous year, with the goal of eliminating the national debt. Libertarians would eliminate pork barrel spending and eliminate political corruption. Congress would sell off non-essential assets to pay off the national debt.

Reason To Join The Libertarian Movement #9 - Corporate Welfare, Monopolies and Subsidies All government granted subsidies and monopolies would end and the United States would return to a free market capitalist society as originally intended by our founders. Repeal all anti-trust laws. The government should no longer give guaranteed corporate loans.

Reason To Join The Libertarian Movement #10 - End The War On Drugs The war on drugs causes more harm than good. Thousands die trying to smuggle drugs into our country and in gang fights over drugs every year. If an individual wants to use a drug, that is his or her individual right. By eliminating the war on drugs, we will cut the budgets of law enforcement and save billions every year on imprisoning those involved in the drug trade. Since drugs would be legal and could be purchased in a local store, gangs would have no ability to capitalize on the trade or need to kill each other over it.

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